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Juvenile Law

The juvenile justice system is its own area of law. Rightfully so, children are separated from the adult criminal justice system, with the exception of limited situations. Many differences exist when a juvenile is charged with a criminal offense. Knowledge in that area of law is important when representing a juvenile against the State in their case. Although different, juveniles deserve the same justice as adults and their rights must be protected. Anthony, a former juvenile prosecutor, is available to provide quality representation upon the juvenile being arrested and accused of a crime. One of the greatest concerns in the juvenile justice system is that a child's life is being put on hold. The case should be handled appropriately and efficiently so a child can go back to focusing on whats important at their age.

The Law Office is prepared and experienced to deal with your child's case. Juvenile punishments are typically focused on rehabilitation. With that in mind, a parent should still make sure that the appropriate attorney is handling their child's case. Attorney Anthony Smith understands the juvenile justice system and is committed on working towards a client-focused result. Contact the office today at 713-242-8917 or by using the form on this site.

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