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  • Criminal Defense Attorney

    It’s important you receive not only competent, but experienced and exceptional representation when charged with a crime. Anthony is a former prosecutor that worked in the misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile divisions, and therefore is knowledgeable in criminal law and the justice system when defending a client.

  • Committed. Responsive. Focused.

    Remain assured that you will have an attorney committed to providing exceptional representation, a lawyer that works to be available and responsive throughout your case, and a law office that is client focused working toward client driven results.

  • Advocate Outside the Courtroom

    The Law Office is available and equipped to assist outside the courtroom. Contact the office for representation pre-arrest and during ongoing investigations.

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The role of a criminal defense attorney in Texas is multifaceted and crucial in ensuring that individuals accused of committing crimes receive fair representation and protection of their rights throughout the legal process. A Defense attorney should serve as legal counsel and provide competent advice. A criminal defense attorney serves as a legal advisor to their clients, providing guidance and explaining the legal implications of the charges they face. They analyze the case, assess the evidence, and advise clients on potential legal strategies, available defenses, and the potential outcomes of different courses of action. Being charged with a criminal offense weighs heavy on an person. A person should act early and secure representation from a qualified criminal defense attorney so the review and fight can begins immediately. Anthony is a former prosecutor, now defending clients throughout Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. Its his goal to provide committed, responsive, and focused representation to each and every client. The Law Office provides representation in all areas of criminal defense.


"Anthony took my case and navigated his way through Harris County legal system with ease.... I highly recommend Anthony if you need a lawyer that is adept in the nuances of the Harris County legal system."

"Mr. Smith represented me in Galveston County on Felony retaliation and misdemeanor criminal mischief charges. Upon our first dialogue, he gave me an account of exactly what he intended to do and he executed his plans accordingly. He is an adamant, yet nonjudgmental listener. He was very clear in answering all of my questions and he demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in all of his explanations."

"Anthony is a wonderful lawyer and I was happy to choose him as my attorney. Given the circumstances, he absolutely went out of his way to give me the best results for my case and I can't express how difficult it was. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney."

"Attorney Anthony Smith handled my case in a very professional and unbelievably efficient manner. He is very knowledgeable and experienced concerning working cases that were similar to my case, therefore, he effectively disputed all of the evidence bought against me. He managed to get my entire case dismissed and all of my property returned in a timely manner. Mr. Smith communicated with me every step of the way, updating me very often on my case. He was highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend him to others. Mr. Smith's professionalism and persistence is unmatchable; He really does work to get you the best results!"

Trial Attorney

Trial may be a necessary phase of any case. It's an integral part of our justice system. An attorney should always be prepared on every case as if it will go to trial. Anthony has tried a substantial amount of trials and handled numerous contested hearings. The final decision remains with the client, but after being counseled and advised of the potential consequences, any client can feel confident that Anthony will be prepared to put the best possible case forward in front of a jury or judge.

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