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Being arrested and charged with an offense related to allegations of driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a criminal charge with several potential negative consequences. Its one of the more common offenses under our State's criminal justice system and it affects all walks of life. It's important to begin handling your case as soon as possible to assure all your rights are protected and every phase of a DWI case is evaluated and handled properly.

Attorney Anthony Smith is experienced with DWI offenses and prepared to represent individuals subjected to charges relating to driving while intoxicated.  Anthony is familiar with evidence used in DWI cases, the long-lasting effects of a DWI arrest, and the stress that a person carries after that one critical moment leading to a DWI arrest.

Anthony, a former prosecutor, has prosecuted many DWI cases and now defends individuals on the other side who have been subjected to these charges. Review the information below to learn more about DWI charges or contact Anthony today for a consultation.


DWI offenses range from Class B misdemeanors to 1st Degree Felonies. A Class B misdemeanor arises when probable cause is reached to believe an individual was driving while intoxicated. The charge rises to a Class A Misdemeanor if law enforcement can show that you have a previous DWI conviction. You could also be charged with a Class A misdemeanor DWI if it is shown that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above .15. Law enforcement will attempt to use a breath test or blood test to determine your BAC.


An individual can be charged with a felony DWI several different ways. The first results in a state jail felony and is known as Driving While Intoxicated with a Child Passenger. This charge is used by law enforcement when they have probable cause to believe a person is driving while intoxicated and there is at least one passenger in the car that is younger than the age of fifteen.

In the event a person has been convicted of DWI two or more times in the past, a third arrest for driving while intoxicated will result in the 3rd degree felony of DWI 3rd or more. Lastly, Intoxication Assault and Intoxication Manslaughter are the more serious DWI offenses. The penalty range of these offenses range from a 3rd degree felony and could potentially be a 1st degree felony depending on the facts and allegations in the case. These DWI offenses carry heavy penalties given that an injury or death came about from the offense.


Regardless of the level of the offense, it's important to take these charges seriously and seek counsel early in the case. DWIs often have detailed evidence and are scientifically based cases needing review from the start. Many defenses and challenges exist in DWI cases and mitigating factors can carry weight when discussing the case with the prosecution.


Anthony is committed to providing exceptional legal representation for a person charged with a DWI offense. The case will be reviewed meticulously and will work towards client driven results. Contact Anthony today by calling 713-242-8917 or by using the form on this site.

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